Cafe Machine on sale now!

check out our Fully Auto ESPRESSO coffee machine!

with a brewing unit and grinder inside, elegant appearance, compact structure and human-based designing. Easy to operate and maintain.

// 10 languages function.
// Rotary switch adjusting water between 30ml to 240ml
// Programming key, programming the water hardness, temperature, time, auto switch on/off time, cups counter, aroma, languages.
// Bean tank, adjusting the grinder gear, 6 levels.
// Drawing off 1 cup or 2 cups of coffee, three different tastes can be chosen, mild, normal or strong (espresso).
// Rinsing operation key and auto decalcification system.
// Stream and hot water function.
// Professional CAPPUCCINO frother.
// Removable coffee grounds container and tray.
// Adjustable water spouts.
Removable water tank.


Retail price: $1050

our price :$650!!

Mega Cafe Machine

megacafe5 megacafe3 megacafe2 black blue

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