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Cafe Machine on sale now!

check out our Fully Auto ESPRESSO coffee machine!

with a brewing unit and grinder inside, elegant appearance, compact structure and human-based designing. Easy to operate and maintain.

// 10 languages function.
// Rotary switch adjusting water between 30ml to 240ml
// Programming key, programming the water hardness, temperature, time, auto switch on/off time, cups counter, aroma, languages.
// Bean tank, adjusting the grinder gear, 6 levels.
// Drawing off 1 cup or 2 cups of coffee, three different tastes can be chosen, mild, normal or strong (espresso).
// Rinsing operation key and auto decalcification system.
// Stream and hot water function.
// Professional CAPPUCCINO frother.
// Removable coffee grounds container and tray.
// Adjustable water spouts.
Removable water tank.


Retail price: $1050

our price :$650!!

Mega Cafe Machine

megacafe5 megacafe3 megacafe2 black blue

Upgrade your old model!

10 years promotion #1
We would like to upgrade your old machine to the latest model for very low cost.

tired of your old machine? you want to upgrade it but wonder if your budget is enough?
Mega International are doing the 10 year promotion, we would like to make every of our customers happy, Call us now to find out how much you can save!!

Mega updarding promo.

Mega updarding promo.