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Our PTAC delivers on all counts. Whether you're installing PTAC in a new building, or retrofitting units in your existing hospitality, healthcare and other facilities, our PTACs are your smart and economical choice.

1. Highly energy efficient
2. Silent design optimized air discharge channel.
3. Versatile multi-mode operation manual membrane touch display.
4. Freeze protection and overheating sentinel units can sense and protect against damage caused by freezing ≤ 34°F and overheating danger according to temperature around coil ≥ 149°F.
5. Self Diagnostics.
6. Universal heater electric heater has different level 2kw, 3kw, 5kw optional for customer.
7. Easy installation and maintenances.

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  Cooling Capacity   Btu/h 7300/7100  
Cooling Seer BTU/W 11.9
Heating Capacity Btu/h /
Noise leval (Hi/Mi/Lo) dB(A) 50.5/50.1/49.1
Air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) m3/h 712/688/653
Indoor dimension mm 1067x532x406

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