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Heat pump technology:
The sun gives many energy to the earth, most of the energy are stored in air, water and ground. Heat pump water heater is a device that transfers heat from natural heat sources in the surroundings, such as the air, ground or water and move it into your home. This is different than a gas or oil furnace, because they don't actually produce any heat by burning fuel. Although heat pump water heater needs electricity in order to operate, electricity is not be used to heat water directly, but drive the device to transfer heat, so it can save much energy
consumption than gas heater, electric heater and fuel boiler, heat pump water heater can produce up to four times more energy than they use during operation, This heat can be used in a central heating system, under floor heating, sanitary hot water. Heat pump system lower CO, emissions than a oil, gas, LPG boiler, that's a great contribution to the fight against climate change.

Heat pump advantage:
1)Econmical Operation
3)Environmental friendly
4)Easy operation
5)Constant hot water supply
6)wide application

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  Heating Capacity   KW 18.8  
Power input BTU/W 3.18
Compressor type   Scroll
Fan type   Axial
Defrosting   Four way valve reverse defrosting
Sound level db(A) 56
Max water temperature C 40
water connection   inch 2
Dimension mm 1080x600x1210(L*W*H) Installation Manual / Support >>

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