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Pro Collection

SC707 Canopy Hoods

Beautifully designed, this unique and innovative machine will be the centerpiece of your cooking and entertainment area. Inspired by the alluring combination of art and functionality, the 36" wide SC707 is sure to make a lasting impression on any quest to your home. Features three fan speeds, halogen lights, and a nine minute time-delay off function for added convenience. This model is a wall-mounted hood.


SC711 Canopy Hoods Canopy Hoods

Bold and masculine by design, this professional grade range hood. A three-speed push button control panel gives you complete control of the fan while bright halogen lights illuminate the cooking area. Comes with strong, easily removable, machine-washable baffle filters to keep your kitchen clean and to keep you breathing easy.


SC712 Canopy Hoods

Subtle and understated, this simple and elegantly designed fan is an absolutely beautiful addition to any set of upscale kitchen appliances. The sleek curved glass protects the chimney of this powerful 550 CFM blower. Features three speed settings, halogen lights, and a nine minute time delayed off function.


SC715 Canopy Hoods

Available in both 30" and 36" wide frames, the SC715 connotes a sense of power and strength. Designed to look and function like a smaller scale industrial strength exhaust fan, this machine will certainly get rid of unwanted odours, grease, and smoke. Features three fan speeds, fron halogen lights, and a nine minute time-delay off function.


SC717 Canopy Hoods

A stylish and luxurious addition to your kitchen, this machine is another testament to our design teams creative and innovative design process. The filters can be machine-washed and never have to be replaced, reducing your expenses and even more importantly reducing harmful waste. Our goal is to not only maintain the cleanliness and structure of your home, but of our natural environment as well. The SC717 is available in both 30" and 36" widths and features a three-speed digital control panel, time-delay off functions up to nine minutes, bright halogen lights, and a 550 CFM fan.

SC718 Canopy Hoods

Similiar to the SC717, this fan tilts with the filters facing outward. Bright halogen lights illuminate the cooking area while a powerful 550 CFM blower removes all unwanted odours and grease. Attractive and unimposing, the fan features three filters that never have to be replaced, a digital three-speed control panel, and a time-delay off function up to nine minutes.


SC720 Canopy Hoods

Sleek and striking, this model is straightforward in design and yet somehow distinguishes itself from all others. The machine is thinner than most and features a slightly down-turned front, aiming the bright halogen lights directly on the cooking area. A 550 CFM fan is controlled by a three-speed control panel and has a nine minute time-delay off function. Available in both 30" and 36" widths.


SC722 Canopy Hoods

Designed with an emphasis on the beauty of simplicity, the straightforward design of this model blends seamlessly with a modern kitchen environment. Features 550 CFM of drawing power, halogen lights at the back of the machine, and a time-delay off function up to nine minutes.


SC727 Canopy Hoods

Similiar to our SC501, this fan is a variation on the design of one of our most popular models. The body of the exhaust fan, including the dishwasher-friendly filter, is contoured to the arch of the glass, giving the machine beautiful lines and a brilliant elegant look. It is of course highly functional as well witha powerful 550 CFM fan, halogen lights, and three fan speed settings.


SC771 Canopy Hoods

Simple at first glance, the SC771 is a highly detailed machine with a uniquely designed shaft and body. With its tasteful and elegant aesthetics this is one fan that is crafted to impress. Available only in 36" width, features a 550 CFM fan, three fan speeds and a time-delay off function.


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