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Want third row center at a rock concert? Want home theater that will break the china? Want to make your neighbors move? If you want all of that and you want to hear the air in a flute or the bow on the strings, the RTiA9 is your speaker. It’s outrageous. It’s delicate. Like the finest of performance cars, it’s all you can handle.

“If you have a hankering for big speaker sound, you’ve come to the right place. The RTiA9’s gorgeous wood and luscious curves are icing on the cake.”



It’s a bookshelf array that wants to be a floorstanding speaker, or a bookshelf speaker with the stands built right in. The TSi300 takes bookshelf performance to the next level by adding the benefits of a chambered, damped enclosure to deepen bass response and add overall warmth to the already warm, realistic Polk sound. Take your bookshelf speakers off the shelf, and they come alive in the TSi300 format.

It’s a stylish solution: Build the bookshelf style speaker into its own stand.
The result is a smaller tower that takes up almost no floor space and saves you the hassle of speaker stands.
In exchange you get solid, efficiently stable footing, and the enhanced performance of more enclosure space.
Dynamics go beyond bookshelf, with a wide soundstage and detailed imaging in small to mid-sized rooms.
It’s the tower with the soul of a bookshelf and the performance of a monster!

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