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Coffee Machine/ MC180A


MEGA fully auto ESPRESSO coffee machine with a brewing unit and grinder inside, elegant appearance, compact structure and human-based designing. Easy to operate and maintain.

1. Visible operation system (LCD), 10 languages function.
2. Rotary switch adjusting water between 30ml to 240ml.
3. Programming key, programming the water hardness, temperature, time, auto switch on/off time, cups counter, aroma, languages.
4. Bean tank, adjusting the grinder gear, 6 levels.
5.Drawing off 1 cup or 2 cups of coffee, three different tastes can be chosen, mild, normal or strong (espresso).
6. Rinsing operation key and auto decalcification system.
7. Stream and hot water function.
8. Professional CAPPUCCINO frother.
9. Removable coffee grounds container and tray.
10. Adjustable water spouts.
11. Removable water tank.
Brewing unit
High pressure brewing unit can extract the yellow coffee creama.
Grinding unit
It can adjust the fineness of the grinded coffee powder according to your personal taste.
Intelligent cleaning system
It can clean the remnant coffee grounds and impurity caused by using long time, prolong the machine’s life and enhance the products’ usability.
Accessories of the products:
Cappuccino frother

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  Voltage   220V~240V / 110V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated power 1200W~1400W
Display Dialogue System High quality LCD
Language 10 languages operating menu
Pump pressure Static.Max.15bar
Capacity of bean container 200g
Capacity of water container
  Inner working pressure   15kg/c㎡
Water outlet pressure 8kg/c㎡
Coffee powder fineness adjusting rang 0-6pitch
coffee powder volume adjusting range 5-13g
Water outlet adjusting range 30-240ml
Coffee flow 100cups/hour
Upright of waterspout adjusting range 70-110mm
Length of cable approx.1.3m
Gross weight 11.5kgs
Net weight 9.5kgs
Measurements of machine 280mmx360mmx450mm
Outlet coffee temperature 75°c-82°c
Steam time 3-120 seconds Installation Manual / Support >>

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